Harmony Dental Creations


Harmony Dental Creations strives to ensure success for every case sent to our team. In addition to high-quality restorations, we also offer value-added services to boost patient satisfaction. Check out all the services we offer below. Our team is ready to schedule any service you need.
Case Consultation

Case Planning & Consultation

Our team offers comprehensive case planning and consultation to ensure seamless appointments. This service provides proper communication between your practice and our laboratory. We work in tandem with you and provide the necessary tools to create a treatment plan that covers the entire process and final restoration.

Reline / Repair

Reline & Repair

Due to the nature of edentulous mouths, dentures frequently become misaligned. This misalignment causes discomfort and accidental slippage for patients. Our team will quickly and efficiently reline dentures to ensure optimum suction and function. We also offer repair services if a denture unfortunately breaks.

Shade Matching

In-Lab Shade Matching

A poorly shaded restoration can completely ruin your patient’s satisfaction with their case. To ensure ideal shades for every case, you can send your patient to our lab. A member of our team will quickly and expertly take the shade of your patient’s teeth. Our team is friendly and professional, so you never have to worry about your patient feeling uncomfortable during the appointment.

Chairside Conversion

Chairside Conversion

Transitioning your patient from a traditional denture to an implant-retained prosthesis can be a highly complicated treatment process. Our team is available to provide chairside conversion services that will ease your patient’s apprehension. A member of our team will visit your practice and convert your patient’s current denture into an immediate loading provisional during implant surgery. This allows your patient to leave your practice with a provisional that they are familiar and comfortable with. The provisional covers the implants during the healing process.

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